We are The Chargimals, cute little monsters who live in an alternate universe called Chargieville. Each of us represents a physical or mental health condition or general symptom. We have all kinds of fun adventures together, even though we are often low on energy and face challenges because of our health conditions. That doesn’t stop us though!

In Chargieville we find ourselves in some interesting situations, and we share all the shenanigans with the world to make talking about chronic illness, chronic pain and mental health more “normal” and accepted. Our stories are made to help people feel less alone while giving some positive entertainment centered around several health conditions.

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Chargieville is the alternate universe where we have silly ventures together along side Normberts, the normal, healthy people who just don’t get what it’s like to live with a chronic illness, chronic pain or a mental illness.

Once inside Chargieville you will find Battery Square where all the benches are charging stations to help everyone charge up when their energy is running low. Battery Square is also full of fun shops like Yummie Treats, the health food store, Trinket, Inc., the variety store, and Chargemart for everything else.

Immuniversity is where everyone goes to school, it’s located at Joy Plaze where there are plenty of fun things to do. You can find The Delish Dish, the Chargimals favorite diner, Sweets Bakery, specializing in those with Gluten intolerance and Diabetic needs, The Viewing arcade and movie theater, and Golf-N-Stuff, where all the Chargimals go to play miniature golf. The Mystery Room is also available for fun events like yoga classes, parties, and even adoption fairs held by the therapy animal store, Kuddle Kingdom.

Health Care Plaza is Chargieville’s medical center where both Chargimals and Normberts go for all their healthcare needs. Canes & Things mobility aid store is right next door, but The Medicine Cabinet pharmacy is inconveniently located all the way across town. This causes some trouble in Chargieville, but that is a story for another day.

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We are so happy you are here. Go ahead and check if your condition has it’s own Chargimal yet over here.