Addi the Addison's Disease Chargimal

Hi everyone! My name is Addi, or more formally Addisonidon. I represent Adrenal Insufficiency and Addison’s Disease.

Addison’s disease is the autoimmune form of adrenal insufficiency. I really like the color light blue 💙 and my best friends are Foggy and Snore. I always crave potato chips and 🥨 pretzels. Potato 🥔 chips are my favorite and I can get a little hangry if I can’t find them. 😡

My adrenal glands don’t produce enough steroid hormones, this can lead to life-threatening situations. That’s why I always need to carry steroids with me wherever I go.

Addison’s Disease is very rare and only one in 100,000 people get it. That makes me really special! 😊 I like to play pranks on others with my besties, but 🤫 shhhh… don’t tell anyone. They don’t know the prankster is me. 🤣😂

In short, this kinda describes me:
Name: Addisonidon
Nickname: Addi
Represents: Adrenal Insufficiency and Addison’s Disease
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Superpower: Can consume massive amounts of salt
Prone to: Fatigue, pain, low blood pressure


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