Meet Depresosaur

Thank you for adopting me! 


My name is Depresosaur, the Depression Chargimal. I just go by D. My best friends are Annie the anxiety Chargimal, and Penny the chronic pain Chargimal. Green is my favorite color. 


You know, I get sad a lot, but honestly it’s really more than just feeling sad. Everyone is different, but for me it’s hopelessness, loss of interest in things I actually like to do, and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. Not everyone understand depression, but I want to tell you that it’s okay to not be okay.



Some days I’m ready to conquer the world, but most days I can’t get out of bed. It’s not just a matter of seeing things more positively either. In my case is a chemical imbalance that I need to live with. I believe we need to be more aware of mental health and what it entails.



To sum me up in a nutshell:

Name: Depresosaur

Nickname: D

Represents: Depression

Favorite Color: Green

Superpower: Can hibernate for days or weeks at a time

Prone to: Hopelessness, sadness, dark thoughts

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Did you know that my best friend Annie is featured in a book? Can you believe that? A whole book.

The story is about when she had an adventure in Chargieville with Donny the Chargimal. This is what it says on the back of the book:

“Donny often walks with a cane, his legs are wibbly-wobbly and he falls down a lot. One morning Donny woke up and his cane broke! Feeling annoyed, he went to Battery Square to get a new one. Then he saw three strange shapes coming his way. he was so scared! What if this was the terrible monster his friend Ro told him about the day before?”

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