Meet Foggosaurus

Hi there! Thank you so much for adopting me!

My name is Foggosaurus, or just Foggy for short. I represent Brain Fog also called cognitive dysfunction. It’s when you feel like your mind is super misty and you can’t think clear.

Sometimes I completely lose my train of thought when I have a conversation. Or just can’t remember the right words or keep forgetting stuff, like my keys in the fridge and the phone in my hand.

Lily, my calico therapy cat never leaves my side. She comes with me everywhere. It’s a good thing I can’t forget her cause she is just there all the time.

I love having sleepovers with my friends and playing pranks. Even though I forget what the prank was, so theat kind of takes the fun out of it. Oooh well…. 

Oh yeah, I like the color pink and my best friend is Gia the fibromyalgia Chargimal. I almost forgot to tell you that!

Here’s a list about me, in case you forget:

Name: Foggosaurus

Nickname: Foggy⠀⠀⠀⠀

Represents: Brain Fog

Favorite Color: Pink

Superpower: Can magically lose anything, anywhere

Prone to: Forgetfulness, confusion, depression

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Did you know I’m featured in a book? I don’t remember what we were doing, or who was there. Or where we were going….

Uhm, what was I talking about?

Oh right! The book. The story is about when I had adventure in Chargieville with Donny and a few others. This is what it says on the back of the book:

“Donny often walks with a cane, his legs are wibbly-wobbly and he falls down a lot. One morning Donny woke up and his cane broke! Feeling annoyed, he went to Battery Square to get a new one. Then he saw three strange shapes coming his way. he was so scared! What if this was the terrible monster his friend Ro told him about the day before?”

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