Addi The Addisons Disease Monster

Gia The Fibromyalgia Monster
February 6, 2020
Annie The Anxiety Monster
February 6, 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Addi, or more formally Addisonidon, the Addison’s Disease Monster. I really like the color light blue 💙 and my best friends are Foggy and Snore. I always crave potato chips and pretzels. 🥨

Addison’s Disease is very rare and only one in 100,000 people get it. That makes me really special! 😊 As long as I take my medication and take good care of myself, I can live sort of a “normal” life. But you better watch out if I’m looking for something salty🧂 to snack on. Potato chips are my favorite and I can get a little hangry if I can’t find them. 😲

I like to play pranks on others with my besties, but 🤫shhhh… don’t tell anyone. They don’t know the prankster is me, hihihihihi.

In short this kinda describes me:

Name: Addisonidon

Nickname: Addi

Represents: Addison’s Disease

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Special Skill: Experiences uncontrollable fatigue and fainting

Prone to: Fatigue, pain, low blood pressure



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