Agnes the Undiagnosed monster

Lara the Bipolar Monster
Lara the Bipolar monster
August 31, 2020
Archy the Arthritis Monster
Archy the Arthritis monster
August 31, 2020
Agnes the undiagnosed monster

Hiya, I’m Agnes. My full name is Undiagmelion, but nobody really calls me that 🤷. My favorite colors are pink💗, blue💙 and black🖤. But pink is my real real favorite though🌸.

It’s very hard to spot me 🙈, because my body changes color, to match the background. It’s almost like I’m invisible. My best friends always see me though, no matter how well camouflaged I am. My best friends are Missy (Misdiagnosis monster) and Penny (Chronic Pain monster). We like to play games together. I love hide and seek, because it’s so hard for others to find me. 😆 I think that’s really funny 🤭, and I always win.

I live with a long list of vague symptoms, the most prominent being pain and fatigue. Nobody ever seems to be able to figure out what’s wrong with me. 😒 That frustrates me, because I know there is something wrong. That’s my superpower, knowing when something’s wrong. I can sense it before anyone else!

You could say this describes me best:

Name: Undiagmelion

Nickname: Agnes

Favorite colors: pink, blue and black

Superpower: Can sense when there’s something wrong

Prone to: vague unexplainable pain and fatigue


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