Ally the Allergies monster

Toni the Amputee Monster
Toni the Amputee monster
August 31, 2020
Petey the PTSD monster
May 26, 2020

Hi! I’m Allergia, or just Ally for short and I am the Allergy monster. I’m allergic to all kinds of things. Bees🐝, peanuts🥜, strawberries🍓, dust, latex, and cat🐱dander are just a few.

It’s very dangerous for me to be in contact with things that I’m allergic to so I carry an Epipen with me everywhere I go. Having such severe allergies puts me at risk for something called anaphylaxis. That’s a serious, life threatening allergic reaction. It requires immediate medical treatment including an injection of epinephrine – that’s what my Epipen is for. If it isn’t treated properly, anaphylaxis can be fatal.☠️

I always ask what food are made of before I eat something I didn’t prepare myself, or what kind of allergens might be around before I go anywhere. Lutes, the Celiac Disease monster, is my best friend. She really understands about being careful about allergens. We help each other look out for things that could make us sick. Our favorite thing to do is go to the movies at The 🍿 Viewing.

My favorite colors are orange, grey and teal and I have a therapy bird named Scratch who goes everywhere with me. She can detect allergens in the air like perfume or other things that can aggravate my symptoms.🧡

Don’t worry, it might always look like I’m crying, but my eyes just water sometimes.

Here are some other fun facts about me:

Name: Allergia

Nickname: Ally

Represents: Allergies

Favorite Color: Orange, grey and teal

Superpower: Warns of potential danger when encountering new things

Prone to: Itching, Swelling, Urticaria, and Anaphylaxis



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