Donny The Multiple Sclerosis Monster

Hashi The Hasimoto’s Disease Monster
February 6, 2020
Kylo The Ankylosing Spondylitis Monster
February 6, 2020

Hi! My name is Scleronodon, but most people call me Donny. I represent Multiple Sclerosis or MS. Everyone with MS can sometimes have the same symptoms, but no two Chargimals (or people) will have the same experience.

Sometimes I fall down because I have Multiple Sclerosis. That’s why I use a cane to help me when I walk. There are all kinds of mobility aids that you can get to help you feel more stable and safe. Even though I have a lot of symptoms that can sometimes be scary, ?

? I like the color orange and I hang out with my buddy Kylo a lot. We love pizza! ? I have a lot of friends who are there to support me and help comfort me when I need it. ☺️ They even helped me decorate my cane to make it more ‘me’ and I love it! You know, I have bad days and good days just like everyone else, but I always try to think positively and remember that I have so much to be thankful for.

In summary:

Name: Scleronodon

Nickname: Donny

Represents: Multiple Sclerosis

Favorite Color: Orange

Special Skill: Can become very uncoordinated and unbalanced

Prone to: Cognitive issues, pain, coordination problems, depression



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