Isa the Selective Mutism monster

Sis the Endometriosis monster
February 7, 2020
Mya the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis monster
February 6, 2020

Hi, it’s Annie (Generalized Anxiety Disorder monster) and this is my new friend, Silencaurus, or just Isa. She has Selective Mutism which prevents her from being able to speak in certain situations. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, she really just can’t. She feels comfortable enough to whisper to me so I will talk for her sometimes. Mostly though she uses a pen and paper✍️ to write things down to communicate. Isa’s favorite color is light blue and she loves to read. 📖 She has a zipper for a mouth 🤐 that mostly stays zipped, but she can open it to speak. She can also whisper in several languages, which is so cool! 😮

Did you know that someone with Selective Mutism can speak normally when they are at home, relaxed, and around certain people, but are totally unable to speak, or speak above a whisper, in other settings like social events or even places they go all the time like school or church? Selective Mutism is not just someone refusing to speak. It’s much more complicated and can even cause those affected to be unable to communicate their basic needs, like if they are in pain or even if they have to use the bathroom! 🥺 It can be really scary for them so it’s very important to handle them with care and lots of patience.❤️

When you try to communicate with Isa, it helps to have some kind of prop to focus on instead of focusing directly on her. Please give her a lot of time to answer your questions and try not to show your discouragement when she can’t answer. Never beg or bribe her to try to talk to you either. It’s not that simple. Please understand she is not choosing to not speak, she physically cannot.😶

Fun Facts about Isa:

Name: Silencaurus

Nickname: Isa

Represents: Selective Mutism

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Special Skill: Capable of whispering in several languages

Prone to: Fear of talking, difficulty expressing feelings, excessive shyness



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