Lara the Bipolar monster

Wheezer the Asthma monster
June 9, 2021
Agnes the undiagnosed monster
Agnes the Undiagnosed monster
August 31, 2020
Lara the Bipolar Monster

Hi everyone! My name is Bipolara. I’m the Bipolar Disorder monster and people call me Lara. I just love the color green💚

I have problems with my moods. My brain doesn’t work like most peoples’ do. It’s like there are two halves, the left head is called Lively (that’s me) and the right one Loomy.

I’m very happy and excited. But I love to make very bad decisions, like buying things I shouldn’t.

Loomy is very sad. She doesn’t like to do anything fun, and sometimes she doesn’t want to deal with things at all.

Hey Lively! I want to tell my own story. Ugh, she is so extreme. Anyway, pillow and blanket forts are my favorite thing. Especially on the days I don’t want to deal with the world.

Then there are also the days that we fight. Oh, boy! Look out! We become Hypo-manic at that point, and it’s like mixing oil and water.

Thanks for that Loomy, I’ll take over from here again. Dr. Fria found a really good combination of meds so that I’m balanced. I also go to counseling each week, which helps so much! When we’re balanced we finish each other sentences.

That’s true Lively, Loomy here again. I used to be ashamed of my illness. I felt that I was just a bother, as no one understood what I was going through. It took a long time before I found Dr Fria and Nurse Wonderful.

They helped introduce me to other monsters in Chargieville with various conditions. At that point I knew they would understand me better than anyone else had. I have many best friends now, but Sleepy and Petey are the bestest!

Name: Bipolara
Nickname: Lara
Represents: Bipolar Disorder
Favorite Color: Green
Superpower: Rides the biggest emotional rollercoaster
Prone To: Depression, Mania, and mood changes


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