Lutes the Celiac Disease monster

Polly the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome monster
February 6, 2020
Gravey the Graves’ Disease monster
February 6, 2020

Hey all! I’m Gluetonodon the Celiac monster. I go by Lutes and my favorite color is 💚 green. Beets (Diabetes monster) is my BFF because she helped me discover gluten free cake. I love 🍰 cake🧁!

Did you know that some of us Chargimals have jobs in Chargieville? I work at Sweets Bakery and make gluten free 🍞bread and 🥐treats. I love to bake and find new ways to make things tasty, but also safe for anyone with special dietary needs.

When I first found out I had celiac disease, I cried cause I like cake and donuts 🍩. But it turns out that being gluten free is not as bad as I thought. There are so many yummie things to eat without gluten. What a relief!

Here’s what makes me, me:

Name: Glutenodon
Nickname: Lutes
Represents: Celiac Disease
Favorite Color: Light Green
Special Skill: Can make any meal gluten free
Prone to: Fatigue, GI distress, malnutrition


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