Missy the Misdiagnosis monster

Elly the Inflammatory Bowel Disease monster
February 6, 2020
Patch the Psoriasis and PsA monster
February 6, 2020

Hi, my name is Misdiagnosicorn and everyone calls me Missy. I might like the color pink. 💗😉 I’m not really sure. I love to play tricks on people. That’s why I’m the Misdiagnosis monster. I think it’s fun to be confusing.🙃🙂

I live with a range of vague symptoms and nobody seems to be able to figure out 🧐 what’s causing them. It’s like my body is playing tricks on me, which is very frustrating and confusing.🤨🤔

Every year I celebrate my birthday with a big party🎂🥳! There is always a fun theme and everyone in town comes to celebrate. It’s a big deal every year and I really like organizing parties so the planning is as much fun 🎊 as the party 🎉 for me.

My favorite therapy animal in the whole wide Chargieville Universe is Luna, Annie’s (Generalized Anxiety Disorder monster) therapy cat. She sometimes comes to visit me and I end up playing with her all day. I just can’t resist that therapy cat!

I think this describes me well, or, I don’t know, maybe not? I’m not sure…

Name: Misdiagnosicorn

Nickname: Missy

Represents: Misdiagnosis

Favorite Color: Pink

Superpower: Queen of confusion, can fool anyone

Prone to: Endless vague symptoms, confusion



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