Nervana the Neuropathy monster

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June 10, 2021
Ozzy the OCD monster
June 9, 2021

Hi everyone!  My name is Neuropotaur, but my friends call me Nervana.  My favorite colors are purple and electric blue.  Sonny (CRaPisonodon the CRPS monster) and Beets (Diabeton the Diabetes monster) are my best friends.

I live with Neuropathy.  In case you don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you.  Neuropathy is damage or dysfunction of a nerve and can cause you to feel numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and/or pain in the affected nerve.  The symptoms depend on which nerve is involved.

Neuropathy is something that can happen to anyone for a wide variety of different reasons like disease, exposure to poisons, trauma to the nerve, vitamin deficiency, or genetics.  And sometimes, they don’t know the cause.  This is called “idiopathic” neuropathy.  I think that’s a funny name.

It seems like a lot to remember, but I don’t dwell on it much. I don’t let neuropathy hold me back from doing what I want to do.  I love to hang out with my friends and go on adventures just like everyone else.  Here is a little bit about me:

Name: Neuropotaur
Nickname: Nervana
Represents: Neuropathy
Favoritecolors: Purple and Electric Blue
Superpower:  Can hurt herself and not even feel it
Prone to: Shooting, burning, freezing, stabbing, or crushing pain


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