Ozzy the OCD monster

Nervana the Neuropathy monster
June 9, 2021
Smith the SLO monster
June 9, 2021

Hi! My name is Obsidion, the OCD monster. My friends call me Ozzy and my favorite colors are black and teal. My best friends are Annie, D and Isa. I have a bad habit of buzzing around others’ heads and going into scary thought spirals. I can find temporary relief from those thoughts by performing compulsions like repeating a phrase or completing an action.

My friends are really helpful in breaking me out of these spirals by distracting me. I love going to the Viewing and watching movies or to Kuddle Kingdom and hanging out with the animals.

This describes me in short:

Name: Obsidion

Nickname: Ozzy

Represents: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Favorite Color: Black and Teal

Superpower: Telepathy and Mind Control

Prone to: Panic Attacks, Intrusive thoughts, Various Compulsions


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