Patch the Psoriasis and PsA monster

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February 6, 2020
Roddy the Scleroderma monster
February 6, 2020

Hey there. My name is Psoriasus and I’m the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) monster. All my friends just call me Patch. I like to hang out with my besties, Polly (PCOS Monster) and Sis (Endometriosis Monster). We are big into self care and mani/pedi’s 💅 top our list! I absolutely love to wear nail polish. I bet I have about 50 different bottles! Orange and purple 🧡💜 are my favorite colors.

You know, even though I love myself and practice a lot of self care, sometimes I still feel insecure about my looks. I have of all these patches on my skin because of Psoriasis. They are very itchy sometimes they even hurt. 😫

Here’s the deets – Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition. The most common form is Plaque Psoriasis which causes a rapid build-up of skin cells that create the patches of dry, raised, red skin that can be covered with silvery scales. They usually appear on elbows, knees, lower back and scalp.

Another type of this autoimmune condition, which is more severe, is Psoriatic Arthritis. This type causes swollen, painful joints that are typical of arthritis. Sometimes the joint symptoms are the first or the only symptom and you might not get the patchy skin kind. Psoriatic Arthritis can affect any joint 🖐🦶🦵💪 causing pain and stiffness and can even cause progressive joint damage. Also, Psoriasis can affect fingernails and toenails, causing pitting, abnormal nail growth and discoloration. Psoriatic nails might loosen and separate from the nail bed which is why I try to take really good care of my nails and I always keep them painted. Polly and Sis never let me skip mani/pedi day! My besties are just the sweetest ever. They help me to see that I’m beautiful, even when I don’t see it myself?. 🥰

Here’s a brief summary about me:

Name: Psoriasus

Nickname: Patch

Represents: Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Favorite Colors: Orange and Purple

Superpower: Leaves DNA traces everywhere

Prone to: Itching, redness, pain


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