Rocky The Chronic Kidney Stone Monster

Mr. T the Trigeminal Neuralgia Monster
February 7, 2020
Sis The Endometriosis Monster
February 7, 2020

Hi! I’m Stonesaurus, but everyone just calls me Rocky, and I have Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK) which basically means Chronic Kidney Stones. I like the color gray. I think Dan is pretty cool, so I’d say he’s my best friend. I avoid foods like chocolate, nuts, and even spinach to help prevent kidney stones.

So what causes kidney stones anyway? Well, I asked my doctor and this is what he told me:

*Factors that increase your risk of developing kidney stones include:
*Family or personal history. If someone in your family has kidney stones, you’re more likely to develop stones, too
*Certain diets
*Being obese
*Digestive diseases and surgery
*Other medical conditions

Quick facts about me –
Nickname: Rocky
Represents: Chronic Kidney Stones
Favorite Color: Gray
Superpower: Can drink huge amounts of water.
Prone to: Pain, infection, fever



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