Sleepy The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Monster

Snore The Fatigue Monster
February 6, 2020
D The Depression Monster
February 6, 2020

Hey all! I’m Fatigus Chronicula the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome monster. Everyone just calls me Sleepy. Snore is my best friend and I really like the color blue. We always try to have sleepovers and plan on watching movies?? or playing games?♟, but we always just fall asleep?.

Myalgiadon (Mya for short) is my twin sister?, we look a lot alike, but are definitely not the same. People always get us confused. It bothers Mya a lot, but me not so much. I’m a little more laid back I guess.

When Mya doesn’t feel well and has to stay in bed, I help take care of her. She sometimes uses a wheelchair, I push her around. But when I get a really bad flare up, she lets me use her wheelchair too. I really love my twin ?.

This sums me up:

Name: Fatigus Chronicula

Nickname: Sleepy

Represents: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Favorite Color: Blue

Special Skill: Can be extremely exhausted but not be able to sleep

Prone to: Insomnia, fatigue, muscle weakness


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