Sonny the CRPS/RSD monster

Annie the Generalized Anxiety Disorder monster
February 6, 2020
Zippy the Chiari Malformation monster
February 6, 2020

Hey all! My name is CRaPiSonodon, but all my friends call me Sonny. I represent Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or simply CRPS. CRPS is a chronic pain condition that usually affects one area, like an arm, leg, hand or foot after a trauma like an injury or surgery. CRPS is definitely in the top ten most painful health conditions. 🥺

Orange is my favorite color and my favorite thing to do is have sleepovers with my friends Foggy (Brain Fog monster), Sleepy (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome monster), Snore (Fatigue monster) and Gia (Fibromyalgia monster). You can always find me hanging out with my therapy dog, Neena. She’s just the best! I got her at the annual therapy animal adoption fair this year. Oh, and we live next to my best friend Gia, isn’t that cool?! We can see each other every single day.😄

This is me in a nutshell:

Name: CRaPiSonodon

Nickname: Sonny

Represents: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Favorite Colors: Orange, Yellow and Red

Superpower: Can feel a single hair land

Prone to: Extreme burning pain, swelling, intense pressure and sensitive skin



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