Toni the Amputee monster

Archy the Arthritis Monster
Archy the Arthritis monster
August 31, 2020
Ally the Allergies monster
May 26, 2020
Toni the Amputee Monster

Hi there! I’m Amputon, but everyone calls me Toni. I am the Amputation monster and my favorite colors are orange and silver. A lot of the Chargimal young’uns come to me for advice. They think I’m the wisest of all the Chargimals because I’m the oldest. Well, I might be the oldest, but I’m not sure I’m the wisest. I don’t correct the young’uns though. They love to sit and listen to my stories and I love telling them.

Some Chargimals, especially the young ones, are always curious about my arms and legs since they don’t match. So I just show them how my one arm and leg are removable and talk to them about it.Once we talk about it, we don’t have to pretend like I’m not a little different. I am different, but that’s okay. Everyone is different. It would be really boring if we were all the same, don’t you think? Sometimes Chargimals and even Normberts get scared when they first see me, but once I talk to them and show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of, they aren’t so scared anymore. In fact, a lot of them think that my prosthetics are pretty cool.

Amputation is much more common than you might think. There are millions of people living with limb loss all over the world. There are a lot of different reasons you can have limb loss. Vascular disease, birth defects, infections, accidents, or diabetes are just a few. Whatever the reason, always be considerate if you ask someone about their limb loss. It might revolve around a very traumatic event for them. Remember to always be thoughtful and never treat an amputee like a curiosity. We are people, or Chargimals, just like you.

Some things about me:

Name: Amputon

Nickname: Toni

Represents: Amputation

Favorite colors: Orange and Silver

Superpower: Master of perseverance

Prone to: Phantom limb pain, muscle contractions, depression


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