Zippy the Chiari Malformation monster

Sonny the CRPS/RSD monster
February 6, 2020
Foggy the Brain Fog monster
February 6, 2020

Hi! My name is Chiarisaurus, but you can call me Zippy. Chiari Malformation basically means that your brain🧠 is too big for your skull💀 and it gets squished. To try to relief symptoms they often do decompression surgery. The surgery leaves a zipper shaped scar on the back of your head. This is why people with Chiari are also called zipperheads. That’s where my nickname comes from 😉.

My favorite color is purple 💜 and I love to eat ice🍦cream. I like to hang out with my friends Pod, Annie and D but sometimes I get really bad headaches and need to take a nap.😴

Even though I can have some pretty bad days because of my Chiari, I still have really good days too. My favorite thing is going see movies at The Viewing 🍿 and then to the Delish Dish to eat ice cream sundaes 🍨 with all my pals. Especially Pod (Migrainopod the Migraine monster). He understands a lot about my headache pain and helps me if I start feeling bad. We always have so much fun! It’s nice to have such good friends.💜

You can sum me up like this:
Name: Chiarisaurus
Nickname: Zippy
Represents: Chiari Malformation
Favorite Color: Purple
Special Skill: Can get a severe headache anytime, anywhere
Prone to: Pain, dizziness, weakness, balance problems



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