Meet Snore-a-lot

Zzzz. Huh? Oh. Hey. Hi. Sorry, I was just catching a nap. 

Thank you for adopting me, My name is Snore-a-Lot and I’m the Fatigue Chargimal. My favorite color is pale blue. I am so tired all the time. I love to sleep. My best friend Sleepy the Chronic Fatigue Syndome Chargimal likes to sleep a lot too, she calls me Snore by the way. Everyone calls me Snore actually.

A lot of health conditions cause fatigue.  It’s exhausting being sick! It doesn’t matter if I sleep 2 hours or 12 hours, I will still be tired the next day. The best way to explain my fatigue is waking up and still being tired. Feeling like everything goes in slow motion. Wanting to do something but physically not being able to. Utter exhaustion not fixable with sleep.

I love sleepovers at my friends’ houses though. We can have fun and nobody is upset when I randomly fall asleep. Cause we are supposed to sleep at sleepovers anyway!


This describes me best:

Name: Snore-A-Lot

Nickname: Snore

Represents: Fatigue

Favorite Color: Pale Blue

Superpower: Can sleep anywhere, anytime

Prone to: Excessive tiredness and weak

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Did you know that my best friend twin is featured in a book? Sleepy has a twin sister names Mya, she is the M.E. Chargimal. She is an ambulatory wheelchair user, and the story is about when she had an adventure in Chargieville with Donny the Chargimal. They went on their adventure with their mobility devices, isn’t that cool?

This is what it says on the back of the book:

“Donny often walks with a cane, his legs are wibbly-wobbly and he falls down a lot. One morning Donny woke up and his cane broke! Feeling annoyed, he went to Battery Square to get a new one. Then he saw three strange shapes coming his way. he was so scared! What if this was the terrible monster his friend Ro told him about the day before?”

The best thing is that I can give you 10% off! Click the button below or the image of the book and Use code “plushy10” upon checkout.